Specialist Services

Brick Matching

In the current market place, with so many brickwork closures and brick ranges being rationalised, it is becoming increasingly hard to match up bricks.

We specialise in supplying you the right brick to match up to your existing brickwork, or if that's not in production any more, the closest match available. Our team have an unrivalled experience of knowledge in sourcing and supplying bricks from the UK and the Continent.

Beam & Block Flooring

Post or bring in your drawings and our team of experts will do a take off and quantify the floor beams & blocks required for your floor.

Delivery normally takes place on an articulated vehicle direct from works, but we also stock a range of beams from 3m up to 4.8m in stock for those awkward building sites where access in an issue or only a small number only are required.

Steel Lintels

Again just bring in your architects drawings and our team of experts will do a take off for you breaking down both the quantity required and their location.

We stock the largest range of Birtley Steel Lintels in Buckinghamshire, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm Cavity, Box and L Shaped Lintels, and where more specialised lintels are required we have lintels delivered on a weekly basis.

Chimney Systems

Need a chimney for your new house or extension, brick in your drawings, tell us if it's a gas or wood burning appliance or even an open fire and we'll design the right chimney for you.

We have worked with Hanson Redbank for 40 years or more, and have an unrivalled working relationship with them to supply you the right system at the right price and delivered on time.